Brooks focuses on one thing only – creating running gear to be proud of. The company is dedicated to supporting runners of all skill-levels in getting better and better, and has built an enviable reputation as one of the world's top running shoe designers, with trainers built for durability and comfort as well as aesthetic appeal.

Founded in 1914, the brand has a long history of impressing audiences. Offering shoes for both men and women, all items in the Brooks range have been carefully created after rigorous testing to ensure they meet the challenges the wearer is likely to face. The design process of each and every Brooks shoe ensures the brand's gear will help actively improve your run – and if it doesn't, it's not included in the collection.

How to care for your Brooks shoes

Having been created after numerous tests, Brooks shoes require less upkeep than some other shoe brands, allowing you to keep running with confidence.

Even so, running shoes are built for action, so it's no wonder after a little while they can start to look less than their best. Whilst Brooks develops running shoes for ultimate durability, there are still some key steps you can take to help prolong not only the longevity and performance of your pair, but their great look and feel.

Basic Maintenance

The weather and conditions you're running in will influence the amount of maintenance required after each run. If it's a sunny day and you're running on flat terrain, you're unlikely to need to do much with your shoes other than take them off! For wet weather or muddy terrain, things get a little more labour intensive, and you may want to:

Rinse your shoes this will help remove impacted dirt and mud from the outer of the shoe, preventing you from bringing it into your home and keeping your running shoes looking spotless.

Clean with a cloth – any additional residue can be cleaned off with a reusable cloth, allowing you to provide even the most well-worn pair with a little TLC.

General Shoe Care

If you've just invested in a new pair of Brooks shoes, it makes sense to want to keep them looking their best for longer. In this instance, we recommend soaking the shoes in warm water after use, and leaving to air dry before wearing again. The best detergent to use is a high-quality laundry detergent, ensuring a thorough but non-abrasive clean. If you want to help ensure you don't suffer from dreaded foot odour while wearing, invest in a great pair of running socks alongside your shoes and always remember to put them on before you begin your run. This should help keep your shoes feeling brand new.