Fit Flop

At just 11 years old, FitFlop is a fast-growing and youthful shoe brand which has managed to make its newness something of an asset. The shoes under this brand umbrella are designed to be both fun and functional, adding new flair to classic designs and creating styles you can't wait to wear.

Comfort is paramount for FitFlop, with sporty details helping to keep the styles current. Alongside the brand's well known sandal range, customers can also find a range of boots, clogs and trainers which are all made using the same biometric design principles – helping to keep style-conscious feet smart and happy.

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Bonn 2

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Caring for your FitFlop shoes

FitFlop shoes are built to last, but that doesn't mean they won't benefit from a little added TLC. To help keep your shoes in their very best condition, focus on careful storage and a few simple areas of shoe maintenance.

Removing Stains

The method you use to remove stains from your FitFlops might vary a little depending on the material your shoes are made of.  Many FitFlops are either unlined sandals or made of suede, but thankfully there are plenty of ways to remove mud and other staining without risking lasting damage to the exterior.

Use a brush – For muddy boots and shoes, let mud dry before you try and remove the stain. After it is completely dry, you can simply brush it off. Be careful to ensure you avoid tearing the fabric, and if you don't have a special shoe-cleaning or suede brush, try a textured cloth or even a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Cleaning shoe interiors – Cleaning inside your shoes is simple, just use a damp cloth or an antibacterial wipe to keep them clean and fresh. We also recommend wearing socks when possible to help reduce odour. 

Weather-Appropriate Footwear

For wetter weather, we recommend wearing a FitFlop shoe with a rubber or leather upper. This will help keep the water out and also prevent you having to spend too much time on maintenance. FitFlop does feature water repelling properties in some styles of shoe made from less water-resistant fabrics like suede and canvas, making light rain easier to navigate no matter which footwear you've chosen.

Storing your shoes

Keep your FitFlop shoes away from bright lights and sources of damp or heat. There are many practical reasons why this is so important, but primarily failure to do so will dry out the leather in your shoes and could cause damage to adhesives holding them together, shortening their lifespan. Shoeboxes can be useful for storage, but never for lengthy periods of time as they prevent air circulation. A clean, well-aired cupboard or shoe rack is a far better choice.