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GEOX offers style and comfort, all day.

Mario Polegato, whilst jogging in Reno’s hot desert climate, experience hot feet from the exertion and had an idea to cut holes in his shoes with Swiss Army Knife.

After developing the idea, he unsuccessfully pitched his invention to several established shoe manufacturers. So Mario Polegato established GEOX in 1995

Based in Northern Italy at Montebelluna, GEOX has consistently invested in innovation. Their team of 15 engineers, chemists and physicists are employed in research on perspiration and human generated heat movement patterns, testing all materials used in their footwear.

GEOX’s mission is to create stylish products that enhance your daily lives, through technological innovations that offer enhanced breathability, durability and protection from the elements.

From the XAND revolutionary walking shoe, GEOX offers comfort, temperature control and an extraordinary sensation of lightness. The soft PU innersole is extremely soft and comfortable, giving a new lightness and sensation of walking on air, allowing a correct natural posture and relaxing walk.

The NET Breathing System (maxi holes + full size membrane over the entire surface of the sole) optimises the breathability and temperature control, allowing a natural thermoregulation and creating an ideal microclimate within the shoe.

Today, GEOX boast an extensive range for footwear to satisfy your needs. So no matter whether you just want to look good for a catch with your friends or embarking on a holiday with your friends and loved ones, has your GEOX shoes covered.