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There are over seventeen million pairs of Hush Puppies sold annually in over 150 countries around the world.

In 1958, Hush Puppies introduced the world to a new kind of footwear. Shoes with casual style and an easy going attitude made to relax in.

Designed for young American families who were shifting from a culture of conservative uniformity to a comfortable, casual way of life, this soft, breathable and comfortable footwear invited the world to break the rules, kick back a little and enjoy. Ultimately Hush Puppies changed the kind of shoes we wear.

But Hush Puppies changed more than just footwear. Hush Puppies and its basset hound mascot touched the hearts and imagination of people around the world. The Hush Puppies ideal – casual living and the pursuit of leisure time – also changed the kind of world in which we live. Today, the world continues to move faster, get busier, and grow louder. But Hush Puppies reminds us that we are all free to be casual... and invites us to relax.

Today Hush Puppies is a global brand, a household name and a cultural icon. Hush Puppies obsession is to create customer’s “favourite pair of shoes” remains the measurement of success.

Inspired by the wonderful characteristics of the beloved basset hound icon, Hush Puppies is individualistic, easy going and fun.

Experience what it means to never take yourself too seriously, have fun and don’t be afraid to break into a howl if the mood should strike you. Feel the Hush. Hush Puppies.

So no matter whether you need a pair of everyday sandals or are attending your cousin’s wedding, Hush Puppies has the style for you. At, we are proud of our long association with Hush puppies and are proud of being Western Australia largest stockist of the brand. We have your next Hush Puppies.