Kroten shoes are named after the German word for frog, and this can be seen in the brand's amphibian logo. Based in Australia and New Zealand, Kroten specialises in comfortable, durable shoes for everyday wear, frequently using materials like canvas to ensure each pair is ultra-lightweight and versatile enough to wear in all weathers and on a wide variety of terrains. The shoes use rubber to prevent slipping, toe caps to help safeguard against injury, and breathable fabrics for comfort.

The company has a clear vision of helping customers live a free and active life, and thrives on helping customers explore the great outdoors in style. Many of Kroten’s styles are suited for use in and around the water, in keeping with the brand's namesake.

How to Clean and Dry Wet Sneakers

Since Kroten shoes are built for both wet and dry adventures, taking care of them can be a little more complex than many other types of active shoe brand. Whether you've been out running in the rain, walking through the water in summertime or splashing in puddles, getting your shoes ready for use again is about to get a lot simpler...

Assess the damage

If your trainers aren't dirty, but merely wet, then you might be able to just focus on drying them rather than giving them a deep clean before your next wear. We recommend taking more care if you've been in sea water as the salt content could have a corrosive or otherwise damaging effect on your shoes, causing problems like discolouration.

Remove the insole and laces

Before you get started with cleaning and drying your shoes, remove the insoles and the laces (if you have any). Cleaning both of these components can be done simply by rinsing the laces in a bowl of warm water, and running a damp cloth or an antibacterial wipe across your insoles. Set them aside to begin drying out while you get to work on cleaning the other parts of your shoe.

Prepare your detergent

Laundry detergent makes for a great way of freshening up and brightening your shoes without causing damage. Since it is already designed to help with removing stains on fabric, it's ideal for handling the breathable fibres of Kroten footwear. Full a bowl of warm water and add detergent to the mix – there's no need to add too much, just a little goes a long way. If your skin is extra sensitive, put on some rubber gloves for this stage.

Next up, dip your shoes in the mix, using a toothbrush or a cloth to remove any mud or dirt. After disposing of the water, you're ready to start drying the shoes.

Drying your Kroten shoes

As with many brands, it's important not to leave your shoes in direct sunlight or place them on a direct source of heat like a radiator. Focus on first dabbing your shoes with a paper towel or a cloth, and then place them on another towel or cloth for air drying. Be sure your shoes are somewhere air can circulate freely, and give them time to dry.