The Merrell brand will be familiar to fans of the great outdoors, thanks to its wide range of stylish and durable hiking boots, all designed to face up to the challenges faced by today's avid walkers and climbers.

The first Merrell hiking shoes was modelled after a design classic, the Cowboy boot – but the brand has since expanded to include many more styles, using breakthroughs in technology to help increase the comfort and support of each pair of shoes. Other additions to the range include trail shoes, casual shoes, sandals and fitness footwear. Now a global leader in innovative adventure footwear, Merrell is always seeking new ways to help their customers live their adventures.

Choosing Your Perfect Merrell Hiking Boot

If you're on the lookout for a great new hiking boot, then Merrell is the ideal brand to explore. Famous for its performance-driven designs, rich history and durability, choosing a boot from this company is sure to give you all the confidence and comfort you need to take on the outdoors, whatever your hobby.

Make sure you get the right pair of shoes or boots by keeping these considerations in mind:

Consider your type of hiking boot

Hiking boots come in all shapes and sizes, and they suit all kinds of trips and terrains. Merrell's range includes footwear for both men and women, crafted in a range of materials including ultra-ventilating GORE-TEX. Do you need your boot to be waterproof? Is warmth the key concern? Maybe you just need something breathable for short trips, or plenty of support? Whatever you need, you're sure to find it – and can carry on with your hike, backpacking or walking journeys in style.

Backpacking boots – these tend to have a higher cut at the ankle, providing optimal support. They are sometimes a little firmer than regular boot styles.

Walking boots – ranging from a mid to a high cut, these are boots designed to see you through shorter trips. They are often flexible, but are not as strong and durable as backpacking varieties.

Hiking boots – flexibility is key, so you might want to consider a running shoe for ensuring even more of a flexible fit.

Hiking boot materials

In general, hiking boots can be made of all sorts of materials from leather through to synthetics. Merrell boots use high-tech materials to offer grip where it's needed and absorb shock through the cushioned soles.

Trying on your boots

It's best to try on hiking boots at the end of the day, as this is when your feet will be at their largest. Our feet naturally swell as the day wears on, so this is an ideal test of how comfy they'll be when you've been wearing them for several hours. If you have any, also try wearing the boots with hiking socks or any thick socks you have to hand – this will ensure you get an accurate understanding of the way it will feel to wear your shoes.