Inspired by life at sea, Sperry is a brand that has spent more than 80 years building its legendary reputation as specialists in offering effortless heritage products that deliver outstanding comfort, support and durability on land and at sea.

From stylish loafers, flats, and sneakers, through to iconic espadrilles, oxfords, and slippers, you will find an exciting range of performance focused shoes that transcend boundaries and span generation. Committed to quality, reliability and comfort, Sperry has mastered the art of seriously premium comfort and looks – qualities that should always work hand in hand.

How to make your custom Sperry shoes

Proving that the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to shoe design, Sperry offers a customised service that will allow you to create the perfect shoe bases on style, silhouette, and design.

Allowing you to sport your favourite colour and design, you will be able to create a pair of Sperry shoes that are completely unique to you! And it couldn’t be easier to customise your Sperry shoes.

Pick the perfect style

Sperry offers a whole host of stylish boast shoes, sneakers, sandals, and loafers that can be fully customised in order to add a new, exciting and personal dimension to your wardrobe. To get started, simply pick your favourite style and you will be able to start the customisation process.

Customising your Sperry shoes

To customise your shoes, you will have to choose your size, and then choose a colour for the side panel, collar, toe panel, back tab, footbed, outsole, thread, laces and eyelets. This is quick, easy and simple to do and you will be able to see your design choices come to life on screen.

Once it has been designed, Sperry will then ship your order!