About Stride Shoes

Simon Chadwick has owned www.strideshoes.com.au for seventeen years. Previously a Bank Manager and Farm Adviser, he has been married for 26 years to Jo-Anne and has three children Amelia, Verity and Joshua.

He studied at Curtin University and holds two degrees, Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) and Bachelor of Commerce (Property).

The Chadwick family have travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe as a family. Their kind of holiday is more adventurous than organised with backpacks being the essential item, they are ideal for wasting less time at busy airports.

Golf is Simon’s untamed passion when time permits.

To me, retail is an important part of my journey through life. My passion is about building a business that has longevity. In this case it happens to be in shoes.

In any business you need to listen to what the customers are saying. Not just the customers who scream the loudest, but the loyal customers whose actions speak louder than words.

At www.strideshoes.com.au, we are not into fads. We are into providing solutions to our customers’ needs.

Seventeen years ago, when I first bought a single store, the customers’ needs were completely different and in some ways the same.

I believe that our customers still crave the old fashion service but demand more. They want value when buying, rather than inferior products at cheap prices.

Our customers still want the convenience of real stores where they can select their next pair of shoes. However they want to do their research online before making that purchasing decision. They want choice in buying online or in store. They want to deal with someone who is passionate about the shoes they sell. They want the security of dealing with real people who understand they want the customer for life, not just the one sale. Furthermore they want value when they buy.

www.strideshoes.com.au is on a journey to achieve these goals. We are faced with the challenges of high rents and relatively high wages compared to many foreign countries. We also understand that the cost of living in Australia is not cheap. We are seeking to find a balance between providing our customers’ convenience and value.

Our 10% off multiple pairs is our start of this journey in finding a balance between convenience and value for our customers. We can afford the rent and wages with the first pair and pass on the savings to the customers with the second pair.

As we find savings in sourcing great brands at lower prices and reducing the average cost for each shoe sold, we will endeavour to pass the savings on to our loyal customers.

www.strideshoes.com.au is proud to have built their new website cost effectively using a progressive Australian web development company Bonsai Branding and the advice of Richard Keeves from Smarter Web Strategies. Bonsai Branding is a solutions based entity, managing all stages of the development in house, and more importantly are a pleasure to deal with despite how complex the project became.