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Hi Simon, the shoes are fantastic. Thank you very much for the great service.

Penny M, May 2014

Hello Simon and thank you for your email. Thanks for your prompt reply and for the suggestion of the Ziera Xray - I will certainly have a look. I will also mention to friends of how professional Stride Shoes handled my purchase and now this return - you certainly are very attentive to your customers and it makes shopping with your company a marked improvement from other online experiences - thank you! I will look to purchase again from Stride Shoes in the future. Kind regards and thanks.

Fiona, September 2014

Well you have proven that you can do the impossible ! Thank you so much for my lovely Ziera Doxie shoes that arrived today. I can't believe that you sent me two pairs of shoes in colours that you did not have in stock. Your effort and helpfulness goes well beyond normal expectations. Thank you

Helen L, 20 April 2015

Dear Simon, I can’t believe a real, intelligent person, with knowledge of their product, has constructively handled my query!! As a result of your info, my wife was able to purchase her shoes & bought the matching bag as well. Thank you so much for this unusual & refreshing experience. Best Wishes.

Leon K, September 2014
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