Django & Juliette

Featuring upper leather laser-cut quality and unique asymmetric silhouettes, their meticulously crafted shoes will fulfil any dream of a serious shoes lover and appreciator. From wide range of flats, boots, heels and sandals, you will feel in love at first sight, cause there's effortless style and craftsmanship will elevate any style. 

Django and Juliette was originally named after two newborn twins Django and Juliette. It was launched back in 2001 by Karrie Munro to critical claim by women who fell in love with its unique look and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Manufactured and designed in factories in Melbourne, each new collection is crafted with love and exquisite care with Kerrie personally test fitting all styles to achieve the utmost in comfort and quality for the wearer.

Django & Juliette woman doesn’t conform and adjusts to fashion trends, but is always looking for comfortable shoes that reflect her fun and quirky personality. She likes a variety of choice, but only considers designs that combine a point of difference with invisible comfort that doesn’t compromise on her style-driven nature.