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ECCO is an industry leader in the development of technology to ensure their footwear stands out from the crowd.

ECCO heritage originates from the vision of Karl Toosbuy in the south of Denmark In 1963. He acted on his dream to own a shoe factory and run his own business, designing shoes on the principal they had to be made to fit the foot.

Today ECCO still maintains that true passion for making great shoes.

ECCO customers expect quality, reliability, and stylish comfort.

ECCO stands for affordable comfort. Striving to deliver customers the highest quality standards, a great fit, and good looking shoe at a sensible price.

ECCO has a range of shoes second to none.

Whether you are heading overseas travelling or just a keen golfer, ECCO has the shoes for you.

ECCO is unique in the sense it controls all aspects of the shoe manufacturing process from to factory ownership to handcrafted design process to owning its own tannery. ECCO employees are well sought after by competitors.

Their BIOM developments are transferred in everyday shoes, ensuring the customer’s comfort is paramount. Anywhere from hiking to golf to casual wear.

ECCO’s expertise in leather means their tanneries supply many of the premium brands throughout the world. Only the best leather is used in the production process.

The ECCO shoes are designed to hold their look even after wearing for a number of years under normal conditions. Unlike some products, ECCO leather holds its shape well and can be maintained to last.

At, we specialise in men and women ECCO styles that suit our climatic conditions. For those who chose to travel to the northern hemisphere, they can be assured that a European product is designed for European conditions. Hard wearing with supreme comfort and flexible for the uneven surfaces one is likely to encounter.