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The Italian leather used in NAOT shoes is of the highest quality.

NAOT Footwear commenced manufacturer shoes in 1942 on a Kibbutz in Northern Israel.

The footwear features a unique high tech anatomical footpad made of natural substances cork and latex. The footpad is a negative print of the foot. It is flexible, soft, shock absorbent, supports the heel and alleviates tiredness and pain.

A large range of NAOT, are designed with removable foot beds to accommodate orthotics. Many orthotic wearers find the support of the NAOT inner sole satisfactory as opposed to wearing orthotics.

NAOT wearers tend to be loyal as the shoes last and they provide bliss comfort.

At Stride Shoes, we love NAOT Dorith and KIrei. Dorith has an extensive colour range and its contoured foot bed is both attractive and bliss in comfort when it comes to sandals. The Kirei Mary-Jane, is one of the best fitting shoes we sell and comes in an extensive range of colours. Often our same customers will own both shoes in a number of colours.

Stride Shoes also has a range of men’s sandals with removable inlays. These are designed for the man who needs adjustability, comfort and/or the option to insert orthotics.

At Stride Shoes, we are Western Australia’s largest stockist of NAOT and have been for many years. If you are already a NAOT lover or would like to try NAOT for the first time, there is no better place than