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Previously called Kumfs, Ziera has stood the test of time in designing shoes.

Ziera is a third generation shoe manufacturer who believe, that whilst fashions may have changed, women deserve the best of style and comfort. This belief has seen Ziera evolve from their foundation in New Zealand to bring beautiful comfort to women around the world.

Styles are designed around fitting the foot. Ziera relies heavily on customer feedback to design the perfect shoes. So no matter whether you have a foot complaint or just want pure comfort bliss, Ziera is the brand for any busy women.

Selecting the perfect shoe starts with understanding your foot. Having your foot measured in forefoot width, arch height and heel type is a good starting point. A good fitting shoe will be snug on the heel and allow plenty of toe room.

At Ziera, lasts are designed to match feet type. Soles are selected to be hard wearing but provide comfort cushioning. Your choice is colour combinations and heel heights.

Once you have selected the correct Ziera for you, the world is your oyster. Power ahead as nothing can stop a comfortable foot in a stylish shoe.

If you are a first time orthotic wearer, Ziera has your needs covered. From lightweight walking sandals to powerful executive wear, Ziera has your orthotic needs covered. No other manufacturer boasts the women’s orthotics range that Ziera does.

So don’t trust you feet to anyone else whether you are on your adventure holiday or starting your dream job. Get the Ziera advantage.

At Stride Shoes, we believe comfort means everything. This is why we are one of the world’s largest retailers of Ziera. Our happy customers are often power by Ziera bliss.