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Orthotic devices are specially designed shoe inserts that help support the feet, improve the foot posture and correct any imbalances. Some foot problems that can be treated with orthotics include corns and calluses, foot ulcerations, tendonitis and recurrent ankle sprains. Athletes may also wear orthotics to help correct foot problems that could hinder their performance.

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Arizona 836583

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Aimee 241383

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Our approach

Here is how we approach orthotic requirements with our customers:

  • Understand what the ailment is.
  • Review your current footwear and determine if the current footwear is causing the ailment.
  • If the current ailment is obviously caused by your current footwear, try wearing more appropriate footwear.
  • When selecting more appropriate footwear, remember a firm heel counter, plenty of toe room, a stable sole, and a good secure fit are important. Generally a good exercise shoe will provide all these attributes.
  • If the ailment still exists after wearing more appropriate footwear, seek the opinion of your Podiatrist. Select your podiatrist by asking those around you, who they use and their satisfaction with them.
  • Even on selecting a Podiatrist, it is important that you connect with them. A good podiatrist will provide you with a plan on how to rectify that ailment. Initially it may involve experimenting with off the shelf orthotics and building them up.
  • Once you have been prescribed orthotics, you need to ensure your shoe wardrobe is satisfactory to accommodate the orthotics. Remember in fixing an ailment, initially do everything you can to solve the problem.
  • The choice of soft or hard orthotics is conversation that you need to have with your prescribing Podiatrist. Some people find the hard orthotics uncomfortable. Some people find the soft orthotics wear out too quickly.
  • The size of the orthotic can have a huge bearing on what shoes you can wear. A full length orthotic will restrict your shoe options if you have a wide foot already. Alternatively a narrow foot may benefit from a full length orthotic.
  • Keep an open mind when it comes to fixing foot ailments. Your comfort is of critical importance.
  • Our motto at www.strideshoes.com.au is we want your business for life, not just for one sale. For new orthotic wearers, we strongly recommend that you only buy one pair to start with, and get your podiatrist to review them. Often we will suggest the Podiatrist adjust the orthotic slightly to accommodate the shoe.

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