Josef Seibel

Recognised as one of Europe’s longest established shoe manufacturers, Josef Siebel has built its global reputation on creating shoes that offer the highest level of comfort and support, all day long.

Offering a range of styles for men and women, all Josef Siebel shoes have been manufactured to meet all of your needs when it comes to fit, style and comfort. Armed with years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in manufacturing comfort-focused shoes, this ground-breaking brand has continued to go from strength to strength.

How to take care of your Josef Siebel Shoes?

Using the highest quality materials and utilising the very best manufacturing processes, Josef Siebel is now recognised around the world for its exceptional footwear that continues to optimise comfort and apply meticulous attention to detail, at every stage of the production process. 

However, although all Josef Siebel footwear has been designed to withstand the demands that often come hand in hand with every day wear and tear, it’s still vital that you give your shoes the TLC that they deserve.

And there are lots of ways that you can take care of your Josef Siebel shoes. All footwear featured within this collection has been made from the finest leather and with this in mind, it’s vital that you maintain them correctly.

Recommended for both smooth leather shoes and boots, the following process can be applied to preserve the life of your shoes.

Space - Although you should polish all of your shoe, there will be some area’s that require more attention than others, such as those that have succumb to stains, scuffs and damage. So before you begin, make sure you identify the areas that need more of your attention.

Clean - Before you begin polishing, you should make sure that your shoes are as clean as possible in order to optimise shine!  You can use a cloth or a brush to scrub your shoes clean, tacking stubborn dirt in all area of the shoe. Just remember to remove the laces.

Polish - Now it’s time to polish! Using a cotton cloth. apply a small amount of polish to our shoes and rub the polish deep into the leather.

Dry - Before you use your shoes again, you should allow the polish to dry and soak into your shoes. 15 minutes is generally enough time.

Buff - Using a clean cloth, now its time to bring out the shine in your leather by buffing your shoes.

Reapply - If your shoes still appeal dull – repeat the process.