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Josef Seibel employs a variety of construction method to create quality shoes at an affordable price.

Josef Seibel is a fourth generation shoe manufacturer and distribution company located in Germany.

In 1886, Josef Seibel commenced their original shoe factory with a handful of employees. Today they have more than 3,500 employees worldwide.

Using the latest production techniques, more than 6 million pairs of shoes are produced in 6 manufacturing plants in Germany and Europe as well as one in Vietnam. The high quality shoes are stored temporarily in over 10,000 square metres of warehouse space for raw and finished goods, subject to a final quality control and sent to 40 countries worldwide by lorry, ship or plane.

Modern marketing and a clear branding concept have turned Josef Seibel into one of the leading international companies in the area of comfort shoes with modern design.

The strobe construction method is very common. The word strobel describes the specific way of stitching upper leathers and lining to the insole of footwear. The strobel construction offers a much higher flexibility and strength than many other types of construction. The outsole is normally either cemented or stitched to the insole to complete manufacture.

Hand stitching is a core feature in the footwear offered by the Josef Seibel brand. Hand stitching offers increased flexibility, increased wear and an original appearance. It takes up to half an hour for an expert to stitch one pair of uppers to the soles, a handcrafting tradition used in the manufacture of Josef Seibel footwear since 1886.

With the attributes of lightness and flexibility, the flexible construction is especially well suited to casual footwear. Often shoes of this construction type are unlined ankle boots, walking shoes and sandals, with unlined summer shoes having the added benefit of dispersing perspiration through the holes caused by stitching. Flexible construction involves folding the excess upper material outwards from the last, then stitching this through the insole. Because of this, both the upper and insole edge are often visible on the finished article, lending these articles to a more casual application. is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of Josef Seibel shoes. We have your style covered, whatever your needs.