Propet shoes first launched in 1985 and since then, has widely expanded its product range and show styles. The company specialises in wide-fit shoes and is diabetic approved, ensuring optimum comfort in a wide range of sizes. Diabetics often worry about developing foot problems, but Propet shoes can help to lessen damage and prevent issues before they have a chance to take hold.

The brand is known for its therapeutic footcare products with its range developed alongside expert advisors to help prevent blisters, pain and discomfort. These are issues which affect many people who have diabetes and many who do not, and some customers will merely appreciate a wider-fit, ultra-comfy shoe. Many of the items in the Propet range feature revolutionary new developments in show support and design, helping to alleviate foot pain and ensure a full range of motion is maintained.

Benefits of diabetic footwear

As a leading name in diabetic footwear, Propet shoes are specifically designed to be extra comfortable for those suffering with diabetes. One of the key features of Propet walking shoes is the cushioned construction. So what makes Propet shoes so ideal for diabetic wearers?

A wider fit

One of the major benefits of diabetic shoes is that they offer a wider fit. Whilst this benefit can be enjoyed by those who simply find their feet aren’t comfortable in the accepted standard size, it has particular appeal for diabetics. The wide fit of diabetic shoes allows for air and blood to circulate in the feet, helping to ensure the wearer remains comfortable even when on their feet for extended periods of time.


The breathability of Propet shoes also makes them ideal for preventing excess perspiration, which is not only much more comfortable, but also helps prevent rubbing. Rubbing can lead to cuts and infections when worn for several hours so this is particularly important. The skin can breathe and yet the shoes maintain a secure hold on the foot to help prevent injury.

Softer fabrics

Propet shoes are designed with soft, high quality fabrics to ensure each element of the shoe is comfortable for the wearer. The insoles have been developed to ensure there is minimal pressure on the feet, which in turn helps to prevent calluses from developing in those with diabetes. The shoes are also carefully fitted to make sure that wearers don't develop ulcers and other potentially harmful foot conditions.

Better posture

The design of Propet shoes also helps to improve and support correct posture, allowing optimal blood flow throughout the foot and allowing for swifter recovery times in the case of injury by encouraging white blood cells to target the injured site. Ankle bones are given relief, and joints, tissue and tendons are better protected from swelling,  which is a common side effect of diabetes.